Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dream a little dream of me

Every night I welcome what the world of unconsciousness decides to bring.
Dare I say, I look forward to it. Anything can happen in a dream - horrible, magnificent, ridiculous, simple. You could go to class and not have your homework, or you could win the lottery and go on a shopping spree. You could be best friends with a celebrity or run for your life as a serial killer is chasing you.

The best is when you become aware you are dreaming.
"Can I manipulate my unconscious? Can I find a way to make this dream go how I want it to?"

Sometimes. It's rare but sometimes, it works, and those are my favorite. Suddenly you're in control of your own fantasy world, and unlike a daydream, it's damn near real. You can feel and taste things that you would otherwise need an insanely intense imagination to recreate while fully conscious.

Freud may have been full of shit but dreams are still interesting and may say more about you than you think. Sure, they could be the random firing of neurons as your body rests and recuperates from a long day. They could be a random assortment of thoughts and images you've experienced recently. Or it could be your subconscious sorting through issues and uncertainties in a crazy fantasy world it made for this specific purpose. I'm going to discount the random firings, personally, because if it were so completely random, there would be no way for you to control it or to have dreams that follow any sequence that makes sense. Maybe the random firing starts the process, but somewhere along the line the imagery and symbolism takes over.

I love dreaming. As sad as it is, sometimes it is the highlight of my day. The every day gets boring - repetitive and exhausting, it's not really all that fun. Dreams though - you never know what is coming your way, if you'll remember or if you'll control it.

Comfortable bed - check.
Warm comforter - check.
Plush pillows - check.

Ready. Set. Dream.

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